The title is quite clickbait, isn’t it? But honestly that’s the result I get. Only with a 2 core 4 GB RAM virtual machine. Interesting, right?


We in Tokopedia use many kind of databases. Our main database is PostgreSQL because of its robustness. But some cases we need high write concurrency that even standard Insert Into’s PostgreSQL isn’t capable to handle that, even with a high spec machine.

Our strongest candidate was move to ScyllaDB, but moving to another storage isn’t easy. There are some points that we need to think of, like how to migrate the data, how…

Usually we’re using three kinds of cache: redis, memcache (using third-party libraries), and nginx cache. At 9th Tokopedia Birthday, we decided to use map as a global variables to do caching. Personally, I called it mapcache.


TokoPoints, at first, used redis and memcache to do caching. But the memcache library we were using was buggy and ate a lot of memories. We removed it before Ramadan Ekstra, and we relied only on redis. Everything was OK at that time.

At Tokopedia Birthday, we decided to launch new kind of flash sale for TokoPoints: Flash Coupon. Some coupons are discounted…

Mohamad Raditya

Software Engineer that wants to be a rock musician

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